NSWEPACirculate, NSW EPA Industrial Ecology
Over four years, Circulate, NSW EPA Industrial Ecology seeks to engage with 1000 medium-to-large enterprises to establish approximately 100 industrial ecology projects. During this period the program is targeting 160,000 tonnes of landfill diversion and $21 million dollars in additional income and/or savings for participating businesses. The program will focus on the recovery of wastes currently being sent to landfill.

For more information about the program please visit http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/managewaste/industrial-ecology.htm

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

CASE STUDY: Governor Macquarie Tower Defit
DEXUS, Lend Lease & The GPT Group – Sydney, NSW (Feb 2016)

The current rate of recovery from building strip-out is estimated to be 20% – however best practice trials indicate that a much higher rate is easily achievable. The results obtained from
the Governor Macquarie Tower (GMT) defit trial, carried out by Industrial Ecology facilitators, Edge Environment, suggest that 80% recovery rates are possible.

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CASE STUDY: Mattress Recycling
Mission Australia – Bellambi, NSW (Feb 2016)

Industrial Ecology Facilitators in the South East region have developed a voluntary stewardship and take-back program with the potential to significantly increase recycling rates and recover these valuable materials under the NSW EPA Industrial Ecology Program, Circulate.

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CASE STUDY: Simple Solutions for Food Waste
Devro Pty Ltd – Bathurst, NSW (Feb 2016)

With the help of the NSW EPA Industrial Ecology Program, Circulate, and facilitators, Skillset, Devro has implemented changes to their operations so that food manufacturing by-products can be used in the manufacture of compost products for farming, construction and mine rehabilitation.

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CASE STUDY: Sustainable Waste Initiative
Lismore Workers Club – Lismore, NSW (Feb 2016)

The main goal for Lismore Workers Club in 2014/15 was to improve its sustainability outcomes. With support from the NSW EPA Industrial Ecology Program, Circulate, the club has introduced new source separation bins and new collection services, and has educated staff, resulting in the diversion of almost 90 tonnes of material from landfill per year.

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CASE STUDY: Wood into Plastic
REMONDIS – Thornton, NSW (Feb 2016)

Industrial Ecology facilitators for the Hunter region, WildBlue Global Consulting, identified opportunities for a food processing company to recycle their hard plastic and excess wooden palletts that were previously being sent to landfill, resulting in costs savings of approximately $45,000 per annum.

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