Welcome to the AIEN resource centre where you can access a range of information including the AIEN member directory, various publications related to I.E., existing Government initiatives and references.

The resources accessible from this centre were proposed by members of the AIEN so please suggest (by email to info@aien.com.au.) anything that you think might interest other members. Access to some resources, such as the Member Directory and Publications, are restricted to members only. (For information about joining the AIEN please click here.)

Please visit the Useful Links page for a list of government departments, research institutions and commercial organisations specifically related to or practicing industrial ecology.

Government Initiatives oriented towards achieving the aims of industrial ecology can be reviewed here. For example, details are listed of programmes such as NSW EPA Circulate, which has published a series of case studies on the results of its activities.

The Publications* section contains reports, surveys and commentary on a broad range of subjects..

The Member Directory* lists members’ contact details, occupations and interests to help people in the network get in touch with one another directly.


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