The AIEN’s Strategic Plan is designed to evolve, enabling us to build on the plan, and create new opportunities for the future.


AIEN is dedicated to achieving a sustainable future through the implementation of industrial ecology.

Our purpose is to influence sustainable development and decision making through the application and promotion of industrial ecology principals. We do this through collaboration, providing a forum for networking and information exchange and education.

Corporate values of the AIEN derive from a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of good governance and an ethical approach to managing the affairs of the organisation. Core values include:

  • Integrity – Operating with fairness and honesty
  • Creativity – Fostering innovation and support nascent development
  • Excellence – Adopting best practice in all aspects of management
  • Awareness – Acting always for the benefit of the natural environment
  • Collaboration – Participating with others in projects of mutual interest and supporting their contributions

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