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From the Chair

We hope all of our members and their families, in particular those in Victoria, have fared well this year and that 2021 will be a much better year for us all. Over the last eight months, during the difficult COVID period, a subcommittee of the AIEN Board with support...

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AIEN Board member, Robin Branson, retires

We would like to thank Robin Branson, one of AIEN’s founding members, who decided to stand down on 30 June 2020 from his position on the AIEN Board. Robin was considered a pioneer of Industrial Ecology in the world and was a strong advocate of progressing sustainable...

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Recycling cigarette butts into bricks

Researchers have shown how industries could work together to recycle cigarette butts into bricks, in a step-by-step implementation plan for saving energy and solving a global littering problem. Over 6 trillion cigarettes are produced each year globally, resulting in...

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