AIEN Event

Innovation and the
Circular Economy –
Glass Recycling and
Value-Added Manufacturing

Tuesday 28 March 2023
9:30am – 12:00pm 


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In Australia in 2018/19, it is estimated that 1.16 Mt or 46 kg per person of glass waste was generated, up from 1.13 Mt in 2016-17. About 90% of all glass consumed is used in packaging, such as in food and beverage packaging. Overall recycling rates for glass are at about 59%. Increasing recycling rates further have been difficult due to breakage of glass in kerbside recycling collections, and the difficulty in sorting glass into colours.

New container deposit systems being rolled out across the country, and innovation in optical sorting technology at material recover facilities and advanced manufacturing is helping to boost recycling rates closer to the Commonwealth’s target of 80% recovery by 2030.

The AIEN is very pleased to be hosting this webinar to review innovation in glass collection, sorting, processing and manufacturing to help drive progress towards a circular economy.


Welcome, Setting the Scene and Event Objectives
Mr Colin Barker, Chair AIEN and Dr Mark Jackson, Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd
Transforming the collection of beverage container glass through container deposit systems
Ms Michelle Mandl, Communications and Engagement Manager, TOMRA Cleanaway
Glass Recycling – iQ Renew’s Virtual Quarry
Mr Graham Knowles, General Manager, IQ Renew Group Pty Ltd
Comfort Break
Manufacturing high quality landscaping pavers using glass and power station ash
Mr Maroun Rahme, Managing Director, Nu-Rock Technologies Pty Ltd
Comments, Questions and Discussion
Webinar Close


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Dr Mark Jackson

Dr Mark Jackson

Director and Principal Consultant, Jackson Environment and Planning

Mark is a nationally recognised waste management specialist and has 26 years’ experience in the field. He is the Director of Jackson Environment and Planning, a consulting firm dedicated to supporting the waste and recycling industry with planning approvals, EPA licencing and regulatory support. Previous to this, Mark over a 12-year period held senior management positions in the NSW Environment Protection Authority, leading some of the largest recycling industry development, regulatory support and infrastructure investment programs in the country’s history.
Graham Knowles

Graham Knowles

Group General Manager, IQ Renew Group Pty Ltd

Graham has built a career over 35 years in growing companies and maximising returns for investors.

Graham’s career includes roles as; Managing Director, Group General Manager, Lecturer, International Consultant and New Business Development Executive and has worked in Australia, the US and United Kingdom.

Graham has taken a small start-up company through to a respected multinational company and his intellectual property is now used in the UK and the US by fortune 500 companies.

Graham brings a level of detail and corporate thinking to the team and now has over 12 years of hands-on experience in the day to day management of resource recovery facilities we build and operate as Group General Manager.

His responsibilities include accountability for the overall profitability of the operational activities, providing support and assistance to the CEO and ensuring that all corporate and business unit strategies are aligned, reviewed and successfully implemented.

Graham serves on the board of Directors for WCRA (Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association) and on the NSW Executive of WMRR (Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association, Australia).

Michelle Mandl

Michelle Mandl

Communications and Engagement Manager, TOMRA Cleanaway

Michelle Mandl’s career in waste, resource recovery, and sustainability commenced with the NSW government over two decades ago whilst working with NSW schools to implement innovative sustainability initiatives.

Employed by TOMRA Cleanaway, the network operator for the NSW container deposit scheme, ‘Return and Earn’ since 2017, Michelle leads marketing, communication, stakeholder engagement and customer service functions.

Michelle takes pride in being a change maker and is focused on engagement that drives behaviour change at scale.

Previously employed in various roles at Cleanaway Waste Management, Michelle holds formal qualifications in education, environmental management, business and marketing qualifications.

A people focussed leader, Michelle is a proud representative of modern waste and resource recovery in Australia.

Maroun Rahme

Maroun Rahme

Managing Director, Nu-Rock Technologies Pty Ltd

Maroun Rahme is an architect, builder and developer. He is also an inventor and entrepreneur and has been involved in numerous retail, commercial, industrial and residential property developments.

In 1990 he developed the award-winning Nu-Rock Technology production process and founded Nu-Rock Technology. Natural chemical binders are combined with power station fly ash, steel mill and non-ferrous metal smelter waste to create superior Nu-Rock products for building, civil engineering, and agriculture. 

Nu-Rock products have been used at the Mount Piper Power Station and, through a joint venture, Nu-Rock building materials were used to construct 30,000 low-cost residential dwellings in South Africa.