AIEN Event

Separating fact and fiction

One-day stakeholder Workshop

When: 0900 – 1615, Friday 27 August 2021 (To be confirmed once the current NSW lockdown is lifted)

Where: L’Aqua, Rooftop Level, Cockle Bay Wharf,
Darling Park, Sydney NSW 2000



Workshop Attendance
AIEN Member: $297 inc GST
Non Member: $374 inc GST
includes morning/afternoon tea and lunch

Half Day Online Access (0900 – 1245)
AIEN Member: $77 inc GST
Non Member $110 inc GST

Across the country, there is momentum at the local, state and national level to tackle the issue of plastic litter in the environment and to make consumer packaging more recyclable.

That National Packaging Targets aim to ensure that 100% of packaging is to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. The NSW Government is also mandating compulsory FOGO collections by councils by 2030, which will need to be supported by the use of compostable bags made of ‘bioplastics’ to make it easy for households to separate and recycle this waste stream.

To achieve these policy targets, bioplastics, or plastics made from natural biodegradable material, will play an important role in society. Question being, how do we manage these materials, so they don’t impact the existing collection systems and infrastructure the country has for conventional plastic recycling? Will bioplastics deliver the environmental benefits that governments are seeking to achieve?

To explore these issues and shape the agenda for the appropriate use of bioplastics, AIEN is pleased to host a one-day workshop showcasing the latest developments in government policy, reforms, packaging design, uses for bioplastics and impacts / benefits to existing recycling systems.

The issues raised and discussed during the workshop will be summarised in an issues paper to be published shortly after the event. The AIEN intends to continue to pursue resolution of outstanding issues.

We look forward to your involvement in this important industry event.