Welcome to the first AIEN newsletter for 2018,.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the AIEN and its values, as we work toward the resource management revolution we collectively seek.

The calendar year has already presented the resource management industries with both great opportunity and challenge, best reflected by the issue of China’s revision to the import contamination specification for waste materials.

The AIEN looks forward to its ongoing engagement in the area of resource management, especially in the WtE space, with the expectation that projects to enhance social, environmental and resource utilisation and resource management values will emerge in the Australian context. As we collectively navigate towards an optimal IE/CE outcome, the AIEN commits to keeping all stakeholders informed of progress and milestone events.

With the highly successful 2018 WtE forum in Ballarat now completed, the AIEN is dedicated to remaining active in all aspects of resource management optimisation.

Based on feedback received post event, and gauging by the shifts and current discussions taking shape within the industry and the Australian political landscape, the AIEN recognises the importance of providing all stakeholders with opportunities to learn, exchange information and provide a setting for input into the future direction of the sector.

We have planned a number of forums and workshops for the remainder of this year, which will commence in April.

The 2018 AIEN Conference, with a focus on plastics and plastic waste, is also scheduled to take place in Sydney towards the end of this year.

Further details of all events will be made available in the coming weeks.

Finally, I would like to extend a whole hearted thank you to AIEN’s former Chair, Mr Garbis Simonian.

While seeking to remain active within the AIEN and its ongoing activities, Garbis has elected to step down from the Chairman’s role, effective 22 February 2018.

His decision has been met by all at the AIEN with mixed emotions. As sad as we are to see his role as Chair come to an end, we share much optimism with regard to the opportunities before us and look forward to Garbis’ valued contribution continuing in a different capacity.