Another year has zipped by. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all those who directly supported the AIEN and its endeavours during 2019, and also to those who dedicated themselves to addressing the very real resource management issues we all jointly face.

At this time of the year, it is beneficial to reflect upon the achievements of the year past and consider what additional opportunities can be addressed in the upcoming year.

In considering the achievements of 2019, a number come to mind:

The Energy from Waste (EfW) Forum held in Ballarat in February 2019, proved to be another great success. We anticipate that the 2020 event, also planned for February in Ballarat, will be even bigger.

This year, the AIEN Board was busy responding to a large number of requests for submissions among the jurisdictions as they grappled with policy settings and directions in the face of substantial resource management challenges.

The directions and policy initiatives recommended within those submissions are sound and innovative. In 2020, the AIEN will seek to reinforce these messages through further advocacy as we seek to fully transition toward a Circular Economy.

To view the complete list of submissions, click here.

Gauging by the feedback received, the Plastics and Packaging Workshop held in Melbourne in May proved to be a success.

The workshop sought to appropriately recognise the impact of the China Sword policy and other issues currently facing the industry. It also highlighted and recognised areas of hope and opportunity based on new processes and processing techniques that are emerging or will be emerging soon.

The November EfW Forum held in Brisbane in conjunction with the Waste and Recycling Industry of Queensland (WRIQ) was a great success.

The AIEN Board is exploring how best to capitalise on the seminar format in conjunction with WRIQ, and how to integrate complimentary seminar events with the annual Ballarat forum in the future. There is clearly an appetite for information in this space and the AIEN remains committed to facilitating a balanced debate regarding the role for EfW within a Circular Economy.

The Board of the AIEN has already convened in consideration of its program for 2020.

Although proud of the achievements in 2019, the AIEN Board is excited and looks forward to additional initiatives to be pursued in 2020. We are eager to share the journey with all AIEN members as the New Year commences.

For now, we wish all AIEN members, their families and loved ones a very safe, blessed and refreshing Festive Season.

Thanks and Warmest Regards,
Colin Barker,
Chair, AIEN