Welcome to another edition of In the Loop.

We are all making our way in the changed resource management landscape post implementation of the China Sword policy.

Undoubtedly, as the debate matures and plays out at national, state and local levels, we will continue to be informed, challenged and confronted with impacts, consequences and opportunities.

In the previous newsletter, the AIEN encouraged all to take part in the debate with vigour, as there were many great things taking place and new opportunities being foreseen for the promotion and implementation of circular economy and industrial ecology projects.

The AIEN wishes to thank all contributors who took part in workshops, discussions, the AIEN Conference held in Parramatta in September 2018, and all questionnaire and survey respondents for the support and comments.

Many great suggestions and ideas have been forwarded to us in recent months. The AIEN team, ably supported by Dr Helen Lewis, has coalesced your feedback with the existing tenets of the organisation to produce a communiqué and a blueprint for moving forward with plastics and packaging waste.

All at the AIEN were excited and gratified by the many positive and constructive contributions received. Thank you, one and all, for your contribution. We trust the communiqué suitably aggregates the collective feedback received.

The AIEN is committed to articulating the imperatives within the communiqué document commencing with a submission to the NSW EPA Too Good To Waste circular economy discussion paper.

The AIEN would urge members, supporters and all with a passion for a better resource management agenda, to lodge a submission and be heard within the context of the debate. As stated in the July newsletter, “when all the proverbial dust settles, Australia will have in place the resource management systems, infrastructure and markets it has earned. Not one of will be able to rightly complain, as the changes would have occurred on our collective watch, with us shaping the final outcome”.

The ACT Government has also sought submissions in relation to its Energy from Waste Policy. The AIEN will be making a submission and we urge members, supporters and those of like-mind, to lodge a submission and be heard within the context of the debate.

Further information on how to lodge your submission can be found in this newsletter.

The AIEN has recently participated in the WRIQ Future Waste Resource Management Convention at Ipswich (October 2018) and greatly appreciated the opportunity to share ideas with the many like-minded delegates in attendance.

A reminder regarding the upcoming AIEN Energy from Waste Forum to be held in Ballarat in 2019. We would encourage you all to be in attendance to contribute to this debate and ensure EfW opportunities, when pursued, are:

  • Pursued within the context of achieving maximum net resource value; and
  • Present no impediment to the pursuit of higher net resource values and waste hierarchy outcomes.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. We commit to maintaining the AIEN’s advocacy for circular economy and improved industrial ecology outcomes being realised in this great country of ours.

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