The theme for the conference – Connecting manufacturers, recyclers and consumers – aims to create a dialogue amongst all stakeholders in the materials supply chain, showcase and promote industrial ecology projects and inspire further innovation in Australia.

This conference series promotes the practice of industrial ecology (IE) in Australia. Each event provides a stimulating forum in which ideas and opportunities can be presented and discussed. Conference presentations are focused on practical outcomes and solutions for managing wastes. On this occasion, the focus will be upon packaging materials. Creation of local markets for recovered packaging materials is critical given recent policy changes which is now preventing the export of recovered packaging materials for further processing and recycling in China.

Recognised experts both domestically and internationally, in the fields of packaging, marketing, manufacturing, resource recycling and reuse will be key speakers at the conference. The 2018 event will continue to provide those wanting to get a clearer picture of the issues a unique opportunity to tour large facilities that are profitably recovering and reusing materials.