Sardinia 2017 – 30th Anniversary

Start date: 02 Oct 17

End date: 06 Oct 17

Time: 5 days

Location: Forte Village Resort, Sardinia (Italy)

Following the incredible success of Sardinia 2015 / Arts Edition, which saw the participation of 732 delegates from more than 70 different countries from all the continents, we are proud to announce the 30th Anniversary of Sardinia Symposia, the reference forum for the international community since 1987.

Sardinia 2017 promises to be the most international and largest event of the year in the field of Waste Management and Landfilling. In line with tradition, the 16th edition of the conference will focus on advances of Waste Management science and technologies, presenting case studies and discussing key controversial subjects, sharing experiences from different countries, and assessing social and economical balances.

The conference will include oral sessions and specialised workshops for a total of eight parallel tracks, parallel events, practical design workshops, business to business meetings, discussion forums, a continuously accessible poster area and a wide exhibition space for companies working in the field of Waste Management. Prior to the start of the Symposium, training courses will be offered by IWWG.

Sardinia is unique in that almost all delegates stay within the premises of the Forte Village resort, where comfortable facilities and the frequency of meeting colleagues from all over the world, offer a great opportunity for networking.

Waste management policy and strategies • Need for appropriate and updated legislation • Public concern and education • WM assessment and decision tools • Producer responsibility • WM solutions for large cities • Waste transport and collection • Waste minimization and avoidance: large scale implementation • Circular economy and realistic approach • Final sink for residual waste • Link between production and recycling operators • Biological treatment and energy production • Advances in composting and anaerobic technologies • Biofuels from waste • Thermal treatment and advanced technologies • Sanitary landfilling • Technologies (pre- and in situ treatment) for landfill sustainability • Landfill mining • Long term fate of landfill structures: rethinking the design • Integrated wastewater and solid waste management • WM and climate change • Contaminants fate in materials recycling • WEEE • Nanotechnologies issues in WM • Plastics littering: biodegradable plastics is the solution • WM in developing and low income countries • Design workshops for sustainable WM

Abstracts must be submitted no later than March 1st 2017 following the detailed instructions on:

Waste Expo 2018

Start date: 11 Oct 17

End date: 12 Oct 17

Time: 2 days

Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Waste Expo Australia brings together Australia’s key solution providers in the waste management, recycling and sustainability sectors, showcasing the very latest technology, products and turnkey solutions. Waste Expo Australia attracts more than 2,000 attendees over two busy show days, bringing together customers and suppliers from around Australia and beyond.

World Resources Forum 2017

Start date: 24 Oct 17

End date: 25 Oct 17

Time: 2 days

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

The WRF 2017 registration is now open and we are pleased to invite you to register and contribute to the success of the upcoming World Resources Forum, to be held in Geneva, October 24–25, 2017.

The conference’s main topic, Accelerating the Resource Revolution, highlights the need for immediate action in the field of resource management and stresses the ideas and opportunities behind this revolution. How should we manage, coordinate, finance, track progress, learn, train and communicate about it?

The program will incorporate lively plenary sessions, as well as engaging workshops and scientific sessions dedicated to the theme. All the fruitful discussions and presentations will be complemented with a social program that includes the WRF Cinema, Art Gallery, the WRF Gala Dinner on October 24 and a cocktail reception, amongst others.

Australian Waste to Energy Forum 2018

Start date: 20 Feb 18

End date: 22 Feb 18

Time: 2 1/2 days

Location: Mercure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre

In February 2018, the Australian Industrial Ecology Network will host its third annual Forum on Waste to Energy (WtE) in Ballarat, Victoria. The Directors of the AIEN and the organising committee warmly invite you to participate take part in the discussions, networking opportunities and social functions that have made previous events so successful.

In 2016, the first Forum took a general view of the technologies associated with extracting energy from waste and some of the issues confronting government authorities at all levels, as they contend with current trends in managing municipal solid waste.

The second Forum concentrated on matters relating to the business of converting waste into energy. The overarching theme then was the future of WtE in Australia. Issues canvassed included the availability of suitable feedstock, process economics, markets for the energy generated and accessing those markets. It was a particularly thought-provoking, useful and enjoyable event.

In 2018, the Forum will again focus on a critical element of the waste to energy industry; Building the case…Two endings to this phrase encapsulate the theme: …the case for WtE as a strategy and… the case for a WtE project. Two quite different scenarios but each drawing insights from previous Fora and each providing opportunities for delving into the issues that are so often critical for success.

In previous years, the Forum has been a two-day event. However, in 2018 the Forum will extend to two and a half days, owing to the interest expressed by past attendees in having more time during sessions for discussion. The programme will again include an entire session devoted to a genuine, two-way conversation between members of the audience and a panel of invited representatives from various government and private sector organisations.

In strategic terms, WtE is being discussed more and more in Australia, especially when authorities are required to decide on options or proposals. Making the case for a project touches on all aspects of successful implementation including planning, technology selection, financing, construction and operation. In both scenarios, effective stakeholder engagement – especially with the community – is now understood to be absolutely essential. The question is: how does this all happen in practice?