garbisGarbis Simonian

Garbis Simonian BA LLB (Hons) Syd Uni , is Founder & Managing Director of Weston Aluminium (WA).

Established in 1997, WA is the largest Secondary Aluminium Refiner in Australia, processing scrap, dross and spent pot linings.

WA was an early convert to the use of Industrial Ecology, with a closed loop plant where all inputs are recovered, producing aluminium metal sows, deoxidants, slag conditioners & fluxes.

Garbis was also founding Chairman in 2008 of Australasian Industrial Ecology Network (AIEN) & President of the Australian Council of Recyclers (ACOR) from 2012 to 2015

colinColin Barker

Colin has worked with many dozens of companies throughout NSW and nationally in the areas of waste minimisation, industrial ecology and resource efficiency.

His current employment with Advitech as “Manager Process Engineering and Sustainability” and his work within the NSW Sustainability Advantage program have provided many such opportunities over more than a decade.

Colin is also currently a director of the Australian Industrial Ecology Network (AIEN), a director of Newtecpoly Pty Ltd and CEO of PolyWaste Technologies Limited HK.

robinDr Robin Branson

Robin Branson has a PhD from Sydney University, Australia for which his research focused on bilateral industrial symbiosis.

He has an MBA from the University of New South Wales, Australia and a BSc.(Hons) in Civil Engineering from Imperial College, University of London.

Robin has experience in consulting engineering; in commercial property development; in international banking; in merchant banking and running his own building renovation business. He is a founding committee member of the Australian Industrial Ecology Network, established in 2009 to promote industrial ecology generally in Australia.

He was a founding committee member of the Kensington Club, established in 1988 to foster business opportunities between industry and the University of NSW.

For 18 years Robin was a guest lecturer in business and economics at the School of Optometry, University of New South Wales and since 2007 has lectured in postgraduate courses at Sydney University on industrial ecology, industrial symbiosis, political ecology and regulation.

markMark Glover

Mark Glover is Principal of Renewed Carbon Pty Ltd, a specialist project development company operating entirely in the Biomass Processing Sector.

As the wholesale use of fossil fuels/resources is discouraged, in our progressively more carbon constrained economy, the conversion of biomass into supplementary/replacement “drop in” products is progressing from an optional to an essential activity, and Renewed Carbon is in the vanguard of developing the actual “drop in” products, sponsoring the development of the necessary conversion technologies and then developing the actual projects (systems and infrastructure) to facilitate this vital industrial transformation.

Mark established Renewed Carbon in 2002 as a natural progression from the work of his specialist advisory and consultancy, Eco Waste Pty Ltd which has been providing strategic advice on sustainable resource use issues for 25 years.

Nearly every Eco Waste “sustainable resource” task for our clients during this period has involved the direct implementation of IE principles and philosophies.

During this period Mark chaired the Editorial Committee that produced the WMAA Sustainability Guide for EfW Projects that is a prime example of IE principles at work in a practical and very sensitive setting.

Regional Australia is the focus of Renewed Carbon’s current “BioHub” initiative; a project to establish some 200 biomass receiving and processing facilities throughout Australia, to be to the emerging Biomass Processing Sector what railhead silos are to the cropping sector or scrap yards are to the metals recycling industry: both first-points-of-receival and receivers-of-last-resort for any biomass arisings.